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‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

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Below is an outline of how Art is taught in our school.

KS2 Art & Crafts Club

We used polystyrene sheets to create colourful prints. We marked our design using a blunt pencil, ensuring our design was backwards so that when we turned it over to print, it would appear the right way on the card.

Clay Modelling
We used air-dry clay to make our own models. There was no 'theme' so we created whatever we desired! We experimented with mosaic tiles and acrylic paint to decorate our creations.

11th November 2019: Remembrance Day

In Art Club we used watercolours to paint poppies. We tried to keep our paintings simple so that the poppies stood out. This was effective in keeping the focus on the poppies and what they symbolise on this important day.

To celebrate the Autumn Equinox on 23rd September, we created autumn leaf wreaths!

We experimented with autumnal colours, leaf-printing and mixing oil pastels.

4th October is World Animal Day, so to celebrate we created some effective animal pictures!
Exhibition Evening July 2019
Animation Workshops: Arts Week June 2019

Local artist Vicci Button provided a hands-on experience for every class during Arts Week. Children had the opportunity to create props, use digital animation equipment and work collaboratively to create a whole-school animation.

Inspirational People: Animation Workshop 2019

Arts Week 2019

Have a look at some of the Art work we produced during Arts Week. The theme was Inspirational People.

F = The Queen

Y1 = Astronauts

Y2 = Superheroes

Y3 = Barack Obama

Y4 = Teachers

Y5 = Usain Bolt

Y6 = Nelson Mandela 

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