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‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

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Curriculum Rationale

At St Pius X, we offer an exciting, ambitious curriculum that will engage, inspire and motivate children to become lifelong learners. Centred around the National Curriculum, we develop children’s knowledge skills and understanding through a creative, topic-based approach and we believe in bringing learning to life, both indoors and out. With the specific needs of our children in mind, we provide relevant, purposeful learning opportunities and give children a wide range of experiences which develop cultural capital and raise aspirations. We aim for all children to leave St Pius X as critical thinkers, resilient problem-solvers, respectful and confident individuals, equipped for and committed to the next stage of their learning journey.


Curriculum Design

We consulted with pupils, parents and staff, and carried out thorough research of best practice and pedagogy in order to create a curriculum which is ambitious for all children. Our curriculum specifies the knowledge, skills and understanding we intend all children to acquire on their learning journey here at St Pius X. It is sequenced in order to build on and develop prior learning. Based on the National Curriculum, and incorporating British Values, our curriculum draws on some well-regarded schemes of work, such as International Primary Curriculum and White Rose Maths, and is tailored to the individual needs and interests of our community of learners.

Whole School Curriculum Plan

At the start of each academic year, parents/carers are invited in to an information meeting with their child’s class teacher, who provides full details of the curriculum and class routines for the year.

Pupils at St Pius X begin their knowledge-rich curriculum with firm foundations in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Please see our Reception Curriculum Map and Long Term Plans, below.


Subject Progression

The Progression Maps below detail the learning of key concepts and knowledge across each subject and demonstrate the coherence and continuity in our pupils’ learning. This knowledge builds on the firm foundations of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and enables pupils to build on prior learning, deepening their understanding.


At St Pius X, assessment is an ongoing process that we believe is fundamental to effective teaching and learning. It is vital that teachers know what has been understood and retained and plan subsequent lessons accordingly.

Formative assessment practices are a part of everyday classroom routines. Where appropriate, teachers use the following:

  • regular retrieval practice
  • quizzes
  • low-stakes testing
  • regular high-quality questioning
  • peer assessment
  • self-assessment 

Retrieval practice is woven throughout the fabric of all teaching and learning here at St Pius X. Educational research and memory theory tells us that bringing information to mind enhances learning, so giving children opportunities to deliberately recall knowledge is vital and will be a part of every lesson.

Summative assessment is carried out termly in core subjects and recorded on Target Tracker. Foundation subject assessments are recorded termly on subject tracking grids.

Teachers plan exciting and innovative ways for children to demonstrate what has been understood and retained. While written work is vital to children’s literacy development, we recognise the great value of practical lessons in constructing and consolidating children’s understanding. Where practical learning takes place, teachers evidence this by uploading photos to the Seesaw app.

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