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‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

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Year 3 & 4 Cross Country

Year 3 & 4 Cross Country


On Thursday, 4th February children from Year 3 & 4 took part in a Cross Country race against other Chelmsford and surrounding area schools.  It was a muddy race and the ground was cold.  The turnout was the biggest this season.  All the children ran well and completed the course.  A special mention goes to a girl in year 3 who won a bronze medal, but a big thank you goes to all the St Pius X competitors.  This was the last Cross Country race for Year 3 & 4 this season.


We look forward to next year and take this opportunity to thank all representatives from Year 3 & 4 who have taken part this season for their positive and determined attitude to do well.

Year 5 & 6 Cross Country

Year 5 & 6 Cross Country


Thursday, 11th February was the last Cross Country race of the season.  It was a cold and muddy event but the sun was out.  Our Year 5 & 6 competitors challenged their determination to compete against each other.  This positive mind-set was felt by our supporters – to whom I give my sincere thanks.


The attitude to the time changes, which meant that our younger runners could join the older field, was encouraging.  I was distinctly heart warmed by this.


Despite the confusion over the time, I would like to thank our Year 5 team for participating in the spirit we at St Pius X like to foster.


I look forward to the new season starting in the Autumn term.


Football League Match v Boreham School

Football League Match

Boreham School v St Pius X

23rd February 2016


After 10 minutes of warming up, both schools were ready to play.  Luckily we got to kick off first and straight away we were on the attack.  However, it was saved, but we were quickly on the attack again.  Number 6 played the ball to Number 7, who shot and scored!  It was 1-0 to St Pius X.  After a few minutes it was half time and by then it was 2-0 to St Pius X.


Eventually the game was back on and it was Boreham to kick off.  Number 7 went straight in for the tackle and won the ball, and we were on the attack.  A few minutes went by and it was 5-0 to St Pius X.  However, Boreham went on to score two goals, but by then it was 6-2 to St Pius X.  During the closing minutes of the match we had a corner.  Number 6 took it and Number 4 jumped up and just got his head on it.  It was 7-2 to St Pius X.  Finally the whistle blew, the game had ended.


Well done to everyone who played and we hope to keep this winning streak up!

Dodgeball Morning

24th February 2016


Daniel from Mega Camps came to our school to lead master classes in Dodgeball.  He spent 15-20 minutes with each class in both KS1 and KS2.


Daniel ran through the basic rules and split the children into groups to play against each other.  We hope, through this taster session, that children will want to come along and be part of a new after school club beginning in the Summer term.


Football League Match v Great Waltham

Football League Match

St Pius X v Great Waltham

26th February 2016


After 15 minutes of warming up, both teams were ready and the referee signalled for the kick off.  Great Waltham won the toss and took the kick off.  Great Waltham passed back and we were then on the attack.  Unfortunately, they scored a goal but we kept on going.  They scored again and then the whistle blew for half time.


We walked back onto the pitch and the whistle blew.  We took the kick off and we were on the attack.  After 5 minutes Number 5 scored.  It was 2-1 to Great Waltham.  It was coming towards the end of the match when Number 7 scored after Number 5 took a shot which deflected off the goalkeeper.  The whistle blew.  It was the end of the match and the result was 2-2.


We hope to carry on doing our best.

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