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‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

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On Tuesday, 1st March Year 4 participated in “Superstars” at Melbourne Stadium.


During the morning we competed against several other primary schools in Chelmsford.  We took part in 7 fun activities, including a jumping activity and one where we could practice our basketball skills.


We all tried our hardest and had lots of fun representing St Pius X!


Netball League Match v Bishops

Netball League Match

Bishops v St Pius X

2nd March 2016


St Pius X v Bishops.  Bishops got the first centre and we scored.  It was 1-0 to St Pius X.  After the first rotation we were winning 5-0.  It was then our turn to take the centre but Bishops defended it.  They were then attacking but they missed.  After the second rotation it was still 5-0.  Bishops were then on the attack but TK leapt like a frog and intercepted them.  We were suddenly on the attack, TK scored.  It was 6-0.  At the end of the third rotation it was 11-0.  At the start of the fourth rotation we got another goal.  It was then 12-0 to St Pius X.  At the end of the netball match the score was 15-0.


It was a good game and well done to everyone who played.

West Ham United Foundation Premier League National Football Tournament

West Ham United Foundation

Premier League National Football Tournament

7th March 2016


On Monday, 7th March, the St Pius X football team competed in the Premier League National 6 A Side Football Tournament at Great Baddow High School.


Our first game was against St Michael’s B team.  We got the ball and Number 2 slotted it home!  Later Number 8 got the ball and scored.  The final score was 3-0 to St Pius X.


Our next match was against Perryfields.  Perryfields were on the attack and scored.  There were thirty seconds to go when Number 8 broke through and scored a beautiful goal to tie the scores at the end 1-1.


Our third match was against Cathedral School.  Number 8 got the ball and powered it past the keeper.  After a while Cathedral scored, but we weren’t finished yet.  Finally Number 8 found the ball and scored.  The score was 2-1 to St Pius X.


The next game was against Lawford Mead.  It was a tight game but St Pius X didn’t give up and scored an amazing goal by Number 4!  St Pius X won 1-0!


The last match was against St Michael’s A team.  Number 8 scored the first goal.  Next we had a corner and Number 2 scored with a header.  After Number 8 scored the next two goals and St Pius X won 4-0.


We won the tournament and now we are playing in London on Wednesday!  We hope we can win the next tournament!


West Ham United Foundation Premier League National Football Tournament - Regional Finals

West Ham United Foundation

Premier League National Football Tournament

Regional Finals


On Wednesday, 16th March, the St Pius X football team excitedly travelled to London to compete in a football tournament.  As we had won the previous tournament in Chelmsford last week, we were invited to play against other regional winners to see who would represent West Ham in the Premier League National League Final in May.


After half an hour of warming up we were ready and we ran onto the pitch for our first game.  The whistle blew for kick off and we passed the ball back to the defence, then we were on the attack but sadly missed the shot.  Suddenly, after many chances, the other team counter attacked and scored.  The referee signalled for the end of the match.  The score was 0-1 to the opposition.


After that game we didn’t drop our heads and straight away we were on the pitch again ready for our second match.  The referee signalled the start and we took the kick off.  We were on the attack but hit the post.  Both teams battled but just couldn’t score before the whistle blew.  The score was 0-0.


We had a two match rest before we played again.  This time the opposition had the kick off and they attacked straight away and we conceded a goal, but we were still positive that we could win.  We were always attacking but just couldn’t score.  It was the end of the match.  The score was 0-1 to the opposing side.


We had a ten minute rest and then we were on the pitch for our final match.  The game began, but sadly we conceded a goal and after that another, then another.  It was full time, the score was 0-3.


We played some tough teams but it was a fantastic experience and everyone enjoyed the occasion.

Gaelic Football Tournament

Gaelic Football Tournament

17th March 2016



On St Patricks Day, a group of children from Year 5 & 6 went to Westlands Community Primary School to compete in a Gaelic Football tournament.


After 10 minutes of warming up, we were ready to play our first match which was against Westlands A team.  Unfortunately, we lost that match 8-5.


Our second match was against Our Lady Immaculate.  We beat them 9-2.


The match against Lawford Mead was a close match but we managed to win 3–2.


The last match of the day was against Westlands B team, which we also won.  We won this match 12–0.


Our team came joint first in matches won, but we came first overall on goal difference.


Well done to everyone who played, you all did amazingly.

Football League Match v Heathcote

Football League Match

Heathcote v St Pius X

18th March 2016


On Friday, 18th March the St Pius X football team played a match against Heathcote School.  When we were all warmed up and ready to start, Heathcote kicked off, but straight away we were on the attack.  Shortly after that Number 4 scored a goal and the score was 0-1!  We tried to score another goal quickly and with Number 4 on the attack again he did score.  Heathcote kicked off again but lost possession and we started to counter attack and due to mistakes from Heathcote they scored an own goal!  It was then half time and the score was 0-3.


We were ready to kick off the second half and for about 10 minutes the play was up and down the pitch until we won a free kick right outside the penalty box.  Number 3 took it and passed to Number 7 who slotted it home.  Finally Number 10 scored our last goal.  The score at the end was 5-0 to St Pius.  Well done to everyone as everyone played very well.


Rising Stars

Rising Stars

22nd March 2016


On Tuesday, 22nd March, two children from Year 6 attended the second afternoon of the year for children from the different primary schools in the Chelmsford area who have been identified as having potential in PE and school sport, at Melbourne Sports & Athletics Centre.


Throughout the afternoon they had three different sports to try:- tennis, netball and gymnastics.


In tennis they learnt how to control the ball and then they played a few matches.


The next activity was netball and they learnt the rules very quickly and went straight into a match and their team won 6-2!


Finally they had the chance to try gymnastics and at the end of the session they made a human pyramid with 4 layers!


One of the children quoted “We had such fun and enjoyed the afternoon very much.”


The final afternoon of Rising Stars for these children will be held in May.

Netball League Match v Gt Leighs

Netball League Match

Great Leighs v St Pius X

23rd March 2016



On Wednesday, 23rd March, the St Pius X netball team travelled to Great Leighs to play the second league match of the year.


After about 5 minutes of practising we were ready to start the match.  Great Leighs started with the ball but they were too strong for us and they scored.  We fought back with a brilliant shot by TK.  There was a lot more battling but at half time Great Leighs were winning.


In the second half of the match we started with the ball.  We quickly had a great chance to score but we missed.  Great Leighs fought back and scored again.  We tried our best but we did not score any more goals.


Unfortunately we lost the match but we tried our very best and had lots of fun.  We hope to do well in our upcoming matches.

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