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‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

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Music at St. Pius X

As part of the curriculum, children have opportunities to listen to and enjoy music several times a week, whether in weekly lessons, peripatetic study, assemblies or singing practise, as a class, whole school or in Choir. Music, movement and drama are often linked.


Peripatetic teachers visit the school and teach individuals in Piano and Guitar. At St. Pius X, we use the Charanga Musical School scheme, which uses songs and melodies from a range of genres and eras to support children in developing their singing and musical theory skills. Classes teach a minimum of 30 minutes a week, with additional opportunities to sing during assemblies, RE and French.


Throughout their musical learning journey at St. Pius X, pupils are expected to relate to and compare different types of music, through the use of an interactive programme, songs and instrumental studies; as well as progressively develop their ability to read different types of musical notation.

Check out what the choir club gets up to at this link (below):

Essex Symphony Orchestra – Thursday 30th November 2017

On 30th November, a selection of children from Year 1-6 went to watch Essex Symphony Orchestra perform as part of an initiative to promote music within schools. Across the afternoon, the orchestra performed lots of classical pieces, chosen by the participating secondary schools, including Pavane by Faure, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (First Movement), and a final piece written by John K Miles and the secondary school pupils called Freedom, which used classic orchestral instruments as well as a choir and electric guitar. It was an exciting afternoon; and as many of the pupils had never seen a live orchestra before, it was awe-inspiring and made us want to practice our own instruments more!

Recorder Lessons

Year 4 have been very fortunate to start 10 weeks of class recorder lessons. They are having lots of fun learning how to play the instrument and working in groups to write their own rhythms.

We hope some of you may continue these lessons outside of school after this term.

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