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‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

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Football League Match - St Pius X v. Cathedral - 2 October 2015

Cathedral arrived at our school for a football match. St Pius and Cathedral warmed up.  Eventually we were ready to play.  St Pius started with the ball and were on the attack but we did not score.  Cathedral got a corner from the right.  St Pius X scored an own goal.  We eventually scored a goal for but Cathedral went on to score another.  A few moments later St Pius X scored again but sadly we lost 3-2.

Football Tournament - 5 October 2015

We arrived at Great Baddow High School feeling nervous and excited; although we couldn’t wait, we had to go through the rules and the pitches and what teams we were playing!


The first team we played weren’t as confident as us but tried as hard as they could to beat us.  Although they tried as hard as they could, we left that game with a 3-0 win.


The next game we won 2-0.


The following game we came up against some very talented footballers but we tried as hard as we could and got a 0-0 draw.


The game after that we came up against an even better side and we got a 1-1 draw.


We then found out that we came second in our pool and that we had got through to the play offs.


We were ready for the most important game that day.  The whistle went and we were off.  We managed to get a 2-1 victory in that game.


It was now the semis and we were playing Danbury Park, but unfortunately we lost that game.


On Monday we realised that we can play very well together and we have high hopes for this season.


Football League Match - St Pius X v. The Bishops School - 8th October 2015

Last week the St Pius X football team played The Bishops School.  Bishops started the match and we all ran in and tackled them. The St. Pius X got the ball and ran, then took a shot and scored.  After that we scored two headers but then Bishops scored two goals from corners, so at half time the score was 3-2 to St Pius.  In the second half we took the kick-off and scored, but after that we conceded a goal.  Just before the end I ran the whole pitch and scored.  The whistle blew, it was the end.  It was a 5-3 win to St Pius X.  We all did very well and hopefully we will continue on our winning streak.

Years 3 & 4 Cross Country

Yesterday, Year 3 & 4 ran their second cross country race.  The course was longer than last time and there were more schools taking part.  We all tried our best and look forward to the next meeting in November.

Years 1 & 2 Cross Country

On Monday 12th October, 12 children from years 1 & 2 went to Melbourne Park to run in the Cross Country race.


There were 23 schools taking part, with 360 children altogether.


The Year 2 girls set off first followed by the Year 2 boys.  We had to run 400m.


The Year 1 girls and boys had to run 350m.  All the Year 1 boys finished in the top 24.


We had a fantastic afternoon and hope to do some more running in the future.



On Tuesday, 4 pupils from St Pius competed in a badminton tournament at Melbourne Sports and Athletics Centre.  Our first matches were against Kings Road.  We did exceptionally well as we beat them 11-0 in doubles and 11-1 in singles.  The next school we beat were Bishops 11-7 and 11-1.  We got through to the finals and our last matches were against St. Michaels.  We won all three matches 11-6, 11-2 and 11-3.  As we won all our matches we came first in our group and hope to continue our winning streak.


Years 5 & 6 Cross Country

Yesterday afternoon, Year 5 and 6 competed in the second cross country race of the season at Hylands Park.  The year 5 girls were first.  They finished well and they did themselves proud.  After that the year 5 boys raced.  They had a bad start as lots of people competed.   Next were the year 6 girls, although none of the year 6 girls were competing as they went to the council chambers along with some other year 6 boys.  Then it was the turn of the year 6 boys.  Only 2 of them competed but they still they did themselves proud.  Overall our school are really proud of everyone who competed from St Pius.  We had a great afternoon.

Bronze Ambassadors

Two pupils from St Pius X attended an “Ambassador” training course last Friday (16.10.15).  They worked alongside other prospective ambassadors in a series of sporting activities.


They discussed the qualities an ambassador needs to inspire other children in playing games fairly yet with a sense of competition.


The 2 candidates achieved their goals and were rewarded with certificates and red ambassador badges which they should wear with pride.


After half term they will be working with our house and vice house captains to organise intra house competitions.


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