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‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

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Welcome to Year 5: 2019/20


Miss Denbigh as our class teacher

Mrs Wallace as our HLTA

and 30 superstars as the students!




In Year 5, much like the rest of the school, we demonstrate excellent resilience as well as a great growth mindset every day within our learning. We celebrate mistakes and understand that - whilst we may not be confident YET - with determination, hard work and perseverance, we will achieve in the end! 


We believe that collaborative working enables us to work with a range of different personalities and learning styles, support and improve each other's learning and develop new skills. We always work together to use subject relevant vocabulary and create effective presentations and projects. 



Spring 2020: South America!

Well, Year 5 certainly have been busy this half term. We started the topic with learning about the countries which made up South America. Upon learning that Brazil was the largest country within the continent, we began preparing an A-Z run down of facts about Brazil, ready to share in our class assembly. We made flags and created a carnival style samba routine with drums and maracas to perform to the school and our families and friends. It was a huge hit! 


Year 5 have also learnt lots about the weather, the food and the mountain range (the Andes) within South America. We also made Brazilian salsa in class which was lots of fun. I think we have all definitely agreed that the onions are deadly; we were crying with laughter and pain at how much they made our eyes sting!!


We were also lucky enough to have a visitor come in and provide photographs and souvenirs from South America for us to look at and touch; we learnt lots about the markets, the transport, the schooling and the animals! Well done Year 5 and thank you to all of our amazing parents who have assisted in the wonderful food homework we have been receiving all half term too. The children and I have really enjoyed eating all the tasty food! 

Autumn 2019: Surviving the Stone Age!

Year 5 have kick-started their topic work this week with the 'Stone Age!' We used our imagination, drama and problem solving skills to discuss various issues people living during the Stone Age may have faced all those years ago. We soon realised that the Stone Age people had no clothes, food, water, shelter or tools to get them started!

SO.... we made a camp fire, built shelter and hunted animals in the Outdoor area, researched how to make weapons, designed and sewed Stone Age tunics, created Cave art on the table walls and created caves in the classroom. We've had so much fun! We then invited the whole school (one class at a time, obviously!) into our classroom, which had been transformed into a huge cave! Year 5 taught everyone, from EYFS all the way up to Year 6, all about what they had learnt so far. To top it all off, we gave them torches and instructions to carefully venture through the long, dark cave back into 2019! 

Autumn 2019: 'Light parade' art workshop

Year 5 were lucky enough to be selected for the 'light parade' workshop, which involved designing and creating effective lanterns for the Chelmsford Light Parade (October 2019). Armed with scissors, tape, willow, LED lights and extremely nimble fingers, everyone was able to construct a beautiful light sculpture which lit up the school hall. Wonderful work, Year 5! 



Spring 2019: World Book Day!

A great day for us: a chance to talk about our favourite books and authors, as well as books we would like to read next! 

We also got a chance to perform a poem (that we have been studying in class) to the rest of the school and the winner of the 'best reading corner' (as decided and voted for by school council members) was announced in assembly! 


Year 5 jointly won with Year 2!


Congratulations Year 2 for a joint win and of course a big congratulations to the rest of the school, who also produced and created amazing and inspiring reading corners within their classrooms too!


Take a look at some of our costumes this year! 


Picture 1 Our winning book corner! #WBD2019
Picture 2 Our winning book corner! #WBD2019

'Where's Wally?' Challenge

One of us dressed as 'Wally' from 'Where's Wally?' for WBD this year. As a class, we decided to recreate a 'Where's Wally?' challenge!


Can you spot Wally in the photographs?

Picture 1
Picture 2

Spring 2019:

In RE, we learnt about the 'mission' which Jesus has left us which we can carry out as Christians today. With this in mind, we chose to reflect on a particular part of our school prayer which we say every morning:


Help us to do the things we should

To be to others kind and good

In all we do

In all we say

To grow more loving every day.


We therefore considered the 'small acts of kindness' which we could do every day to make us better Christians. As a class, we created a short video to illustrate some of the acts we could carry out within school to help others around us. 

Faith in Action 2019

Still image for this video

Spring 2019:

In Art, we researched Brazilian Carnival and the costumes and masks they wore during the celebrations. From this, we designed, created and then later evaluated our own Brazilian masks which we later proudly showed the school during our class assembly!

Autumn 2018: History Day!

And what a day it was! Have a look at some of our costumes this year!

Autumn 2018:

We created Art work using black card and a range of other different materials to illustrate the heliocentric model of the solar system. 

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