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‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

‘Together in God’s loving family, we believe, we learn, we grow.’

Home Page

Welcome to Year 1!

Year 1 teachers are Mrs Gallagher on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Mrs Lake on Thursdays and Fridays. Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Crabb. 

Our topic this term is SUPERHEROES!

Check out our Topic Map to see what exciting things we'll be learning in each subject.

Police Visit!

Because we are learning about Superheroes, we had a visit from our local superheroes - the police! Two officers, PC James and PC Peter, from the Chelmsford and Maldon Community Policing Team came in and told us all about what sort of things they do to keep us safe, how we can keep ourselves safe and they answered all of our questions. We learnt about the equipment they use, we had a look inside the police car, saw the flashing lights on top and even heard the siren! It was an AMAZING afternoon and we all learnt a lot!

Growth Mindset

In Year 1 we have a Growth Mindset which means we are resilient, we are hardworking and we are happy learners! Our mascots, Hardworking Hare and Clever Cat, remind us that our thinking has a huge impact on our learning. Clever Cat thinks he can do things because he’s clever, but if he can’t do something he gives up and he really doesn’t like making mistakes. Whereas Hardworking Hare knows that hard work helps him learn and make progress. He knows that mistakes are a part of learning and he never gives up! In Year 1 we are learning to think like Hardworking Hare!

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